Cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures (anti-wrinkle injections, Dermapen or fillers) can transform lives by significantly boosting confidence. A high level of confidence has been well-documented to improve relationships both personally and in the work-place. It is this transformation process and the happiness it brings to patients that provides Dr Kairinos and his team with immense gratification when undertaking cosmetic procedures.


Reconstructive surgery encompasses any procedure which restores a damaged or abnormal part of the anatomy to its prior state or to as normal as possible. This type of surgery is primarily the domain of a plastic surgeon. Through the years, the field of reconstructive surgery has added to our knowledge of anatomy, tissue types and how they interact with one another.


Many people are not aware that both orthopaedic surgeons and plastic surgeons are trained in the field of hand surgery, which is a specialty in its own right. The anatomy of the hand is complex and the interplay between the various structures is extremely delicate. Operations on a hand should therefore only be undertaken by a surgeon who frequently operates on hands.