Cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures (anti-wrinkle injections, Dermapen or fillers) can transform lives by significantly boosting confidence. A high level of confidence has been well-documented to improve relationships both personally and in the work-place. It is this transformation process and the happiness it brings to patients that provides Dr Kairinos and his team with immense gratification when undertaking cosmetic procedures. Dr Kairinos is very sensitive to the fact that cosmetic surgery is more personal than conventional surgery. These patients usually have insecurities about one or more areas of their physique or face and Dr Kairinos treats cosmetic patients with the sincerity and understanding they deserve.

Dr Kairinos undertakes almost all of his cosmetic procedures with an assistant who is also a qualified plastic surgeon. Having two plastic surgeons present has multiple benefits to the patient and the surgeon, including a reduction in theatre time and the ability to exchange ideas with a colleague who is qualified in this specialty. There is never only one correct way to manage a particular problem in the field of cosmetic surgery. Having the opinion of two plastic surgeons gives a patient that extra piece of mind that the best management decision has been taken for their unique problem. Cosmetic procedures are undertaken at either the Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in the CBD or the Intercare Hospital in Century City, depending on the procedure.